Our Technologies 

Citinet develops solutions to meet a wide variety of business needs and choosing the correct technology for the job is one of the most important aspects of our approach. Through working with enterprises both large and small and with commercial, public sector and voluntary organizations, we have grown a broad base of design, development and support skills in a number of technologies – MicrosoftJava and LAMP – that allow us to choose the best technology for a particular requirement. Read more information below about which technologies we use, or see our products and services area for further information. Server-side

  • Citinet design, develop and deliver web applications onto a number of platforms, including Linux and MS Windows, and these are normally served using MS IIS or Apache.


  • Citinet has delivered many public-facing websites and normally deploy to both Windows and nMacintosh clients using a variety of browsers. Intranet applications are optimised for deployment to the appropriate infrastructure and estate.


  • We design and develop database applications using Microsoft SQL Server and MySQLrunning under both Linux and Windows. Our cross-platform skills have allowed us to develop comprehensive data integration skills and tools providing both batch and transactional interfacing and sophisticated exception-handling. See database design and development services for further details.
  • Citinet has considerable experience in the design and development of artificial intelligence,rule-based and goal-seeking applications.


  • Solutions can also be provided in Java or PHP for both Windows and Linux platforms and our.NET capabilities cover C# and VB.NET. We are also able to work with C, VB6 and ASP .
  • For the presentation interface we work in XHTML and CSS and, for any client-side interaction, we use JavaScript, DHTML or Flash.
  • Application to user-interface integration is normally achieved using XML.

Development methodology

  • Citinet design and develop applications using a methodology that encourages the use of robust and reusable components with well-documented source-code. Quality activities are integrated at every stage of the process, our project approach is inclusive and our developers are involved at all stages of the process.

Want to know more? Please contact us if you’d like further information or to discuss your technology requirements.