Our Approach to Database Design and Development
We have a structured and quality-driven approach to database design and development. This provides clients with high levels of visibility and understanding at all stages of the development process. The lifecycle of a typical database application development can be seen below, and you may also wish to view some of our database design and development examples and read about our technologies.
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Lifecycle of a typical database development project
Our approach to custom database application development uses a robust and transparent project management methodology, which keeps the client informed and in control at all times. Typical projects will consist of the following stages:
Requirements analysis:1
We work closely with our clients using various analytical techniques to gather requirements for the intended solution. These are documented and agreed before further progress is made
Design and functional specifications:2
From the agreed requirements we produce a detailed functional specification of the system. This includes detailed designs of all components required and will include technology specifications, such as environment and server requirements, if required. Depending on the nature of the requirement, and the project overall, prototypes may be produced during this stage

Our developers then take the functional specification and develop the database application components to defined standards. Where appropriate, clients are able to test prototypes during the applications development process in order to provide feedback at key stages.

Testing and acceptance:4
Once it has passed quality assurance, the system is released to our client for beta-testing prior to a final iteration which includes formal client acceptance testing.

Citinet work with the client to determine the most appropriate method of deployment for the project. This may involve everything from a packaged application deployed on a CD through to a full business change programme.

Support and maintenance:6
All of our work is covered by warranty, but additional on-going database support and maintenance agreements ensure that your system is carefully monitored and running smoothly on a daily basis.

To find out more about our database design and development applications and how they can help your business, please contact us.