IT General Consultancy

  • Web Portal Design for ELM Schools

    Web Portal Design for ELM Schools

    Ranging from Logo Design to the whole site design and configuration, the school portal includes also a students live interaction...

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  • Information Security & Risk Management

    Information Security & Risk Managem

    With innovations such as mobile computing, social media and the cloud; Information Security and Risk management has never been more...

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  • Email Solutions

    Email Solutions

    CITINET-GROUP  Planned, Designed, Installed and commissioned one of the best Corporate Email Solutions which is Microsoft Exchange 2010.  ...

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  • Business Continuity and DR

    Business Continuity and DR

    Business Continuity and DR Citinet-group’s experience of Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery planning has given it a unique view...

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  • School Management System

    School Management System

    Powerful easy to use School Management System, that saves you money and time. Our web based School Management System (SMS) is...

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  • Partnership


    Citinet Group got in to partnership with  Global Pride Ltd, headquartered in United Kingdom is arguably the leading IT and...

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  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test

    Vulnerability Assessment & Penetrat

    Under this scenario Citinet-Group shall perform the assessment against unknown targets. i.e. client shall not provide any information about the...

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  • Golis Energy Partnership

    Golis Energy Partnership

    Citinet Group Partners with Golis Energy Co. which is a national leader in clean energy services. We make clean energy...

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