Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test

Under this scenario Citinet-Group shall perform the assessment against unknown targets. i.e. client shall not provide any information about the target systems. Information about the target is gathered using passive and active actions and then further assessed using the gray box method. While this method is a replication of a hacker activity, who doesn’t have access or knowledge, this process may provide less results.


If given time, resources and motivation, an attacker can break into any system. This is due to the fact that all the security procedures and technologies cannot guarantee the safety of vital systems or information. It is important for an organization to understand its weaknesses while it improves its strength. Under security assurance services, Citinet-group provides vulnerability assessment to assist its clients in identifying the vulnerabilities within its systems and operational processes by utilizing Citinet-group’s methodology for external and internal vulnerability assessment.

Citinet-Group’s goal is not just to identify vulnerabilities in the systems, but also to determine the root cause, by analyzing various processes, technology and systems mapping.

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